Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

Pink of Perfection was created by Ms. Ellaine Grace Regala. I'm Pinay and currently living in Doha, Qatar with my family. This blog will be mainly about Ellaine's point of  view towards fashion, beauty and how to create your own style. I will also be posting some of the happenings in my life such as my dancing/modelling career.

*so yeah, this was one of my favorite photo from all of my shoots that I had*

Basic Facts:
  • I was born in the Philippines and left the country to study highschool in Qatar
  • Middle child
  • Petite, 5'2 in height
  • Sun-kissed skin

  • Certified dog lover
  • Online shopping for me is the best! ;)
  • Being vain will be my past time
  • I collect makeup brushes and MAC lipsticks
  • I tend to buy clothes and will be wearing them after a couple of months/years
  • I love my Hello Kitty collection!
  • Mommy's girl <3
  • Inlove with floral prints
  • Forever 21 and H&M are my favorite clothing brands

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