Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 Beach Essentials

Sunday, May 4, 2014
It's summertime again, my favorite season!!! :) I know most of you are now excited preparing for your upcoming summer vacation. Be it at the beach, an out of town trip or hang out with your loved ones or friends. All year round, we dream about lounging on perfectly sandy beaches with the view of the waves under the sun's scorching heat. During summer, the beach is always on our minds and packing appropriately is crucial. So I just want to give you my top 10 beach essentials that you should bring inside your beach bag!

Quick tip: Choose a beach bag with zipper closures, preferably with plastic type of material inside and out because you don't want your bag and belongings to get wet that easily. I'm sure it'll ruin the moment ;)

10 Beach Essentials

1. Fancy sunnies, because we should also protect our eyes from the heat not just or face and skin.
2. You can never leave the house without your cutie pair of flipflops from your favorite shop :)
3. Capture every moment with your polaroid camera. It's priceless!
4. What is a beach outing without wearing the perfect swimsuit, right?! 
5. Ofcourse, we all know that bringing your mobile phone is very important at any time!
6. Hat for hair and face protection.
7. Stay hydrated through out the outing by having a bottle of water with you. It helps your body and your skin as well.
8. Protect your skin and lips from sun's heat. I recommend having a separate sunscreen for your face and lip balm with SPF.
9. Snacks!!!! Oh yeah, outings like this will surely be boring without snacks. Chips or fruits will do.
10. Beach towel is a must-have! Bring 2 beach towels, 1 for laying down by the beach and the other is for drying up.

So, what are your beach essentials? I would love to read it!

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