Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 Beach Essentials

Sunday, May 4, 2014
It's summertime again, my favorite season!!! :) I know most of you are now excited preparing for your upcoming summer vacation. Be it at the beach, an out of town trip or hang out with your loved ones or friends. All year round, we dream about lounging on perfectly sandy beaches with the view of the waves under the sun's scorching heat. During summer, the beach is always on our minds and packing appropriately is crucial. So I just want to give you my top 10 beach essentials that you should bring inside your beach bag!

Quick tip: Choose a beach bag with zipper closures, preferably with plastic type of material inside and out because you don't want your bag and belongings to get wet that easily. I'm sure it'll ruin the moment ;)

10 Beach Essentials

1. Fancy sunnies, because we should also protect our eyes from the heat not just or face and skin.
2. You can never leave the house without your cutie pair of flipflops from your favorite shop :)
3. Capture every moment with your polaroid camera. It's priceless!
4. What is a beach outing without wearing the perfect swimsuit, right?! 
5. Ofcourse, we all know that bringing your mobile phone is very important at any time!
6. Hat for hair and face protection.
7. Stay hydrated through out the outing by having a bottle of water with you. It helps your body and your skin as well.
8. Protect your skin and lips from sun's heat. I recommend having a separate sunscreen for your face and lip balm with SPF.
9. Snacks!!!! Oh yeah, outings like this will surely be boring without snacks. Chips or fruits will do.
10. Beach towel is a must-have! Bring 2 beach towels, 1 for laying down by the beach and the other is for drying up.

So, what are your beach essentials? I would love to read it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Things To Keep Me Busy + OOTD

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
As you all know, I've been unemployed since last year, November until now, April 2014. Crazy right? Though I'm jobless at the moment I am still busy as a bee with other things and loaded with oh so productive activities that I really enjoy doing! :)

1. Family
Since I returned back here in Qatar from my long PH vacation, I realized that I became a family-oriented-kind of girl than what I was before.

2. Closet Cleanup!
I make sure that every 3rd week of the month, I'll have my closet clean up :D somewhat organizing my clothes and stuff depends on my mood.

3. Dancing
Joining a new dance group is quite hard but I'am happy because I am with my true family. I am one of the founding members of the group and the active dancer among all the girls. We named the group, Qatar All Stars.

4. Blogging
I told myself to commit on this part of me and take this also as a part of my daily routine, my blogger side.

5. Photoshoots
Started the month of April with a shoot and ending it with the same. I'm so excited for my upcomming photoshoots and more to go!

Speaking of Photoshoots, here's another set of summer inspired OOTD that was taken 18th of April by Mr. Alex Atienza.

Few days till summer, say hello to crop tops and flowy skirts that will keep you comfy throughout the summer season! But ofcourse Black and White will never be out of the picture even if its summer,winter,autumn or spring :) To keep the monochromatic hue in place, I paired it with my silver pointed toe heels. Simple yet so chic!

Outfit Details:
Top : Topshop
Skirt : Forever 21
Shoes : Primadonna

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bluer than Blue

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
So here I am blogging again instead of preparing for my appointment. I missed blogging and shooting different outfits in one day. Gladly, Alex Atienza of Alexdpx's Lighting Adventures came just right in time :) Since spring is about to end and sooner or later, we will welcome summer I thought of wearing this blue jumpsuit from Forever 21. The color and style of this jumpsuit is just perfect for both season and one of my "closet-must-haves". I love how this jumpsuit designed with a corset like top that will help you enchance your curves and straps for support. It has an open cutout at the back that I really love.

This jumpsuit is really really flattering! For a color blocking effect, I paired it with a red belt and you can never go wrong with nude strappy heels. Mine's from Payless, it's comfy and one of my "abused" pair. Hihi. I think every girl should have a pair of nude heels :) Adding a blazer will transform this look that suites for a night out with your loved ones or with your friends.

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Belt - People R People
Shoes - Payless

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Week of Styles

Monday, March 24, 2014
It's now time to make some updates since I've been MIA for a couple of months now (last update was October, 2013) and left this blog blank. To summarize it all, I went back to the Philippines last year and I returned back here in Qatar this month. So I had a very long vacation, enjoyed every minute of my stay there speacially with my cutiepatootie nephew :) I guess, I won't be posting an entry about my PH vacay anymore just because it's already 2014! Kidding, I'll give it a shot some other time. Anyway, when I returned back I had been into different events and did a lot of catching up with my family and friends. It was completely one full busy week but good thing I had rest on the last day. Thank God! Here are the outfit details of each and every style that I sported as shown on the photo above.

The first outfit is a mixture of sporty style yet still chic. We wanted to check out the ongoing promo of Forever21 that time so why not use this pair of comfy strappy heels from Aldo. The look was just minimal but not boring. The top and the crossbody bag gave this look the total sporty trend. To give the look an accent, I wore my white shells dangling earrings that I bought from Boracay Beach, 2 years ago. 
Outfit Details:
Top - Forever21
White Jeans - BNY Jeans
Shoes - Aldo
Crossbody Bag - Michael Kors

Meet-up with my highschool batchmates and opted to wear something sporty again! Obviously, I'm digging in the said trend nowadays. But for this look, I added some texture into it which was the leopard patterned pants with my red bag as the contrast but still matched the whole look!
Outfit Details: 
Chain Necklace - Forever21
Top - Forever21
Leopard Sweatpants - Online shop from Facebook
Pointed Heels - Fiomi by Payless
Handbag - Mango

Who doesn't want to be comfortable when doing some shopping? And because white and black goes with any, I mixed them together with my favorite jeans from my sponsor, BNY :) To add some colors, I picked up my very colorful collar necklace that really matched the color of my pants.
Outfit Details:
Corset Top - H&M
White Cardigan - Splash
Blue Jeans - BNY Jeans
Shoes - Christian Siriano 
Bag - Bershka
Collar Necklace - Splash

My second favorite outfit among those 6 looks that I created. This was my outfit when I had a movie nightout followed by a lovely dinner with my family and Borromeo Family. We watched "Starting Over Again" and had dinner at Cucina The Italian Kitchen- Renaissance Doha, City Center Hotel. I even got  couple of compliments from unknown shoppers saying that they really like my outfit or where did I bought my skirt or even asking who styled my look. 
Outfit Details:
Statement Necklace - Forever21
Top - Forever21
Midi Skirt - Shapes
Bag - Aldo
Strappy Heels - Trash

Say Hi! to the highschooler side of me. Haha! I think this look was so cute and playful since we were going on a Festival that day and yes, outdoor! Oh, sun -_- Lol. I opted to look fresh, chic and properly dressed. Festival must haves are these adorable skater dress, denim wast, fedora hat and no heels policy or else you might wanna have blisters after the event ;)
Outfit Details: 
Hat - BHS
Skater Dress - H&M
Denim Vest - Forever21
Shoes - Forever21

My favorite among the six! Fresh, polished, minimal and very sophisticated. Enough said :) Wore this look on a night concert with family and friends.
Outfit Details: 
Top - Splash
Highwaist Skinny Pants - Forever21
Bag - Charles & Keith
Shoes - Steve Madden
Chain Bracelet - Forever21

So tell me, what outfit do you like the most? Do we have same taste when it comes to fashion? I would love to read it <3

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shades of Red

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Finally an outfit post! Thanks to Mr. Alex Atienza of Lighting Adventures for the awesome shots! He's really a great photographer and for this shots, we call it Catching the Light. Natural lighting + Fujifilm XE1 with Fujinon XF 60mm f2/4 macro lens = 10 stars! I never thought that this shoot would turned out to be like we were first timers in Qatar, really! Since it was Eid Holiday when we had this shoot, there were lots of presentations happening on our location shoot. We took all these photos in a place called Souq Waqif. Here you'll find lots of shops selling different arabic clothes, food, crafts, souvenirs and even antiques. This place is filled with culture, it is one of the few places in Qatar where tourists come to see. I was truly amazed of what Qatar can offer to their people. We really had fun while doing this shoot especially when an event was going on.

Like Mr. Alex Atienza's Facebook Fanpage here : Aledpx's Lighting Adventures

Outfit Details:
Leopard Printed Top - H&M
Highwaisted Pants - Splash
Red Pumps - Zara
Bag - Bershka
Sunnies - Georgio Armani

Try stopping by this beautiful place and enjoy a piece of Qatar but I would recommend you not to wear heels during your visit or else :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Early Christmas Wishlisht - 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013
IM BACK BLOGGERS! Sorry for being MIA *sigh. It's been a while since I last posted an entry for my blog, awww. I was too pre-occupied with work and got no time to blog that much because of physical stress. But anyway, I'm back and ready to roll again :)

My new entry would be for my 2013 Christmas Wishlist. This wishlist will serve as a motivation for me to save money, like I hope so *giggles. HAHA! I hardly hope that I can save money for these items. I badly want them in my life :( and without further ado, here are they.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder: Something New!

Monday, September 2, 2013
Hooray for a new blog segment at The Fashion Obsession entitled, Confessions of the Closet Hoarder. So yeah, the title says it all :) This is a blog segment wherein I would talk about more of what's happening into Ellaine's world of fashion, hidden happenings inside my wardrobe, secrets about my fashion styles and such that. I will be posting a new entry related to this segment probably every after 2 weeks so here's my first confession. Since, I was too busy lately and I didn't get the chance to shot some photos of what I planned earlier, there was a sudden change of idea of what I will be posting up first.My first confession would be all about my Open Wardrobe project. Only a few people knew about this, my close friends and family.