Saturday, August 31, 2013

Art and Passion

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Before this month ends, I would like to share with you guys my shoot for this month. Aside from me, being a dancer, I'm also a freelance model for almost 2 years now. I love smiling at the photographer's camera, doing some pretty awkward poses, socializing with different models and photographers and stuffs. For that span, I learned a lot of things about being a print and ramp model. How to do this and do that, enhancing the emotions, hand gestures and much more. Actually, this was also the time that I got so curious with makeups! Haha. Okay, enough for the intro! (nobody likes a long intro, right?) so, lets get into it :)

My shoot for this month was with Mr. Philipyuri Galean (DIGIMAX) He post processed pretty much of his works which I don't usually like :) For me, being natural will always be the best! But, for this shoot, it was different! Some of the shots that he uploaded were SOOC or straight out of camera, which means no edit at all! The concept was "Hip-Hop" because I'm a dancer so he wanted to take that as an advantage. I was amazed with the aftermath!

For these two shots above, we used baby powder to give a smoke effect. He put it on my head and some, I was holding in my palm and what I did was just to act like I was dancing :) *amazeballs!*

Though he made some touches for the last two photos still, the pictures look so natural for me. Not too harsh! Everything was just minimal unlike the other photoshoots that he did before.

For my outfit, I put on my Quicksilver jacket to give the hip hop stylish look! I kept the said jacket inside my cabinet for almost 2 years and then decided to wear it for this shoot because I just don't like the color. Obviously, I only welcome the color pink :D I paired it with my wedge sneakers that I bought online from Luxury Mall online shop. My inner stripes crop top was from Forever 21 paired with harem jeans to emphasize my "dancer look". I got my crop top for only 45 riyals, not bad :) My arm candies were from an online store as well that I saw from Instagram :D I'm a certified online shopper, if you guys don't know.

All in all, I had fun doing this shoot. I felt comfortable while doing it though it took him almost an hour and half to set up everything according to his taste. He treated me a Mcdo delivery after this. I may say, the shoot was a wrap!


  1. these photos are amazing! thanks so much for following me! :)

    xx, Aria

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog! & I love seeing Filipina bloggers! haha (I'm half Pinoy even if I don't really look it.) I will definitely be checking out your instagram! Check out mine too if you'd like: @Samanthapulido