Thursday, August 29, 2013

New In: August Fashion Haul

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My first entry on this blog goes to my August Fashion Haul :) So, I've been so busy with work these past few weeks which gave me lots of pressure, stress and tension. I may say, I was emotionally, mentally and physically stressed out because of work and I think this is a girl's way of distressing herself, shopping! :) Girls will always be girls! I need to get out of my comfort zone and give myself a break even just for a while. For that, I did some retail therapy. Went to my all time favorite mall and picked up pieces of clothes and shoes just to distress myself. I went first to Forever 21 (yeah, I'm a Forever 21 girl =D) and Cotton On afterwards.

So here's my haul at the Forever 21 shop.
So when you get to enter to the store, you will pretty see that all of the clothes that they displayed there were more of black and white's. Maybe because the concept would be, Pre-Fall? I was eyeing for some floral prints or neons but I failed. There were few but not on my style. So I just bought there 2 pieces of clothing, dresses and plain shirt.
Just to give you a glimpse, this is how the back of the dress looks like. It has a triangular cut out at the lower back to give a sexy and sophisticated look on this simple dress style. It came up with a free black belt which was a great deal :)
These dresses and top were from Cotton On. Actually, it was my first to shop on that store because they're a lot costly than Forever 21. 1 dress costs almost a hundred bucks which is not really that practical wherein that 100 bucks, you can already have 2 dresses from New Yorker or F21. But for this time, its all about distressing myself so here are my items that I bought from Cotton On.
Peplum tops are so in nowadays and I really can say that because I own almost 10 peplum tops and this is the latest addition to the growing collection. I love how dainty it looks, simple yet very gorgeous top. It's a light pink color with cotton material. Very soft and very comfortable to wear. It fits perfect on me and I'll prolly give this top an A+ for doing such a great job!
I LOVE MINT AND I LOVE FLORALS!!! IM SO GLAD THAT I GOT THESE DRESSES ALL AT ONCE! I'M INLOVE, LIKE SO! I will be wearing this when I go to church or have some romantic dinner date. The fabric is so soft and it is very light weight. It gives you a feminine and modest look.
This very lightweight and carefree dresses will be my favorite 'to-go' dresses for the pre-fall paired with leggings or tights to keep me nice and warm during nightime. I love how easy it is for me to wear these dresses. I'm a huge sucker for leopard prints so all I can say is that, they are gorgeous.
Last but not the least are these flats from Cotton On. These babies were under promotion so we got them for like 2 for 99 bucks :) I do not own any mint floral flats and red doll shoes,ever but now I do have them. They are so comfy and light. I like the colors and most especially the details of the mint strappy sandals.

All in all, I picked most of my items on this haul from Cotton On. I've had great purchases from and they got promos as well. I think that store will be my 2nd favorite store because my first is obviously, Forever 21 :) I had a fun time yesterday with my shopping buddy! Yay :)


  1. Loved the Forever21 dress! The cut out back makes it perfectly!
    Such a cute blog.
    Wow, guess I am your first public follower via GFC. Hope I can get to see you grow! (:

    Joana from Who the Fuck is Chanel

  2. Hi Joana, thank you so much for appreciating my blog :)

  3. Hey Ellaine,
    I just saw your comment and thank you for dropping by my blog <3
    You can get the exact same top here, it's costing only 16.99$ and it's free shipping worldwide!