Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bluer than Blue

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
So here I am blogging again instead of preparing for my appointment. I missed blogging and shooting different outfits in one day. Gladly, Alex Atienza of Alexdpx's Lighting Adventures came just right in time :) Since spring is about to end and sooner or later, we will welcome summer I thought of wearing this blue jumpsuit from Forever 21. The color and style of this jumpsuit is just perfect for both season and one of my "closet-must-haves". I love how this jumpsuit designed with a corset like top that will help you enchance your curves and straps for support. It has an open cutout at the back that I really love.

This jumpsuit is really really flattering! For a color blocking effect, I paired it with a red belt and you can never go wrong with nude strappy heels. Mine's from Payless, it's comfy and one of my "abused" pair. Hihi. I think every girl should have a pair of nude heels :) Adding a blazer will transform this look that suites for a night out with your loved ones or with your friends.

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit - Forever 21
Belt - People R People
Shoes - Payless


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    1. Hi there sissy! Followed you on GFC, Lookbook, Bloglovin and IG as well :) Keep in touch! :*

  2. Love your jumpsuit! The color fits you perfectly <3 followed you via google :) x keep in touch.

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