Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Things To Keep Me Busy + OOTD

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
As you all know, I've been unemployed since last year, November until now, April 2014. Crazy right? Though I'm jobless at the moment I am still busy as a bee with other things and loaded with oh so productive activities that I really enjoy doing! :)

1. Family
Since I returned back here in Qatar from my long PH vacation, I realized that I became a family-oriented-kind of girl than what I was before.

2. Closet Cleanup!
I make sure that every 3rd week of the month, I'll have my closet clean up :D somewhat organizing my clothes and stuff depends on my mood.

3. Dancing
Joining a new dance group is quite hard but I'am happy because I am with my true family. I am one of the founding members of the group and the active dancer among all the girls. We named the group, Qatar All Stars.

4. Blogging
I told myself to commit on this part of me and take this also as a part of my daily routine, my blogger side.

5. Photoshoots
Started the month of April with a shoot and ending it with the same. I'm so excited for my upcomming photoshoots and more to go!

Speaking of Photoshoots, here's another set of summer inspired OOTD that was taken 18th of April by Mr. Alex Atienza.

Few days till summer, say hello to crop tops and flowy skirts that will keep you comfy throughout the summer season! But ofcourse Black and White will never be out of the picture even if its summer,winter,autumn or spring :) To keep the monochromatic hue in place, I paired it with my silver pointed toe heels. Simple yet so chic!

Outfit Details:
Top : Topshop
Skirt : Forever 21
Shoes : Primadonna


  1. Summer=perfect time to wear crop tops! Nice look! :)